Allein mit viel zu viel, 1993 / 1995
Site: Installation view: Bunkier Sztuki Kraków 2002.

Three video projectors are placed in such a way that the images are projected obliquely onto the walls and floor. Each video projects the same sequence of images telling the same three stories, as seen from the perspective of the three protagonists in Kurosawa's film 'Rashomon.' The three sequences would each be of different lengths if projected at normal speed, but here are projected at an extremely slow projection speed which is nonetheless synchronised in such a way that each sequence takes exactly the same amount of time. The projection speed is calculated in such a way that the viewer experiences fast movements or actions in the film as continuous action. Slow movements or actions he experiences almost as though they were freeze frames or slides.

The video projection is greatly distorted by the exhibition space itself. However, as he walks towards any one of the projectors, the closer he gets to it, the more the image reassumes its normal appearance.

Technical data: 3 Video Projectors, 3 Video DVD Players, 3 DVDs.