Blind Men Walking, 2001
Site: Kunstverein Arnsberg

The three rooms, which are facing Arnsbergs Neumarkt, have been connected with one installation. The connecting element has been a fireguard-car-red board, which had been mounted exactly in the height of an assumed eye-level in front of the windows. Thus the view from inside to outside has been cut.

On this board above and below have been placed 22 TVs (models of the last 30 years) and a corresponding number of black Metronomes. The pendulums of these metronomes have been equipped with surveillance cameras of the size of a fingernail. These cameras were rocked by the pendulums in various speeds and transmit what ever happened in front of them from outside and inside onto the TV-screens. Thus the Installation marks the border between the Private and the Public.

The sound of the metronomes and the gesture of these pendulums are creating an imagination of a group of 22 Bind Men, walking a little bit uncoordinated through a street; and the Metronome with the camera - of course - might be considered as another remembrance to Man Ray.

Technical data: 22 metronomes, 22 surveillance cameras, 22 TV-monitors of the last 30 years.