27 Blind Men Walking
Site: Gallery Gabriele Rivet, Köln 1999

The basic element of the installation "27 Blind Men Walking" consist of a metronome with a very small surveillance camera in its pendulum. Here with 27 video camera equipped metronomes transmit on 27 TV Monitors simultaneously fragmented images of the space in different speeds. The TV monitors are standing on a metallic tribune and are representing different tendencies in design of the last 30 years.

Besides the perceptive distortion, the acoustic confusion produced by the 27 unsynchronized metronomes is significant for the installation. They produce a sound as if a group of 27 Blind Men is walking through the city with their oscillating white canes; and the Metronome with the camera - of course - might be considered as another remembrance to Man Ray.

Technical data: 27 metronomes, 27 surveillance cameras, 27 TV monitors, metallic tribune