Dies Academicus, 1990
Site: Westphälische Wilhelms Universität, Münster, Germany

"Dies Academicus" is an installation of 40 light-collages with 5 reproduced works of 40 different painters each: ranging from Giotto to Gerhard Richter. Five slide-projectors project five works of a painter on a wall on the same spot. Thus the single pictures melt into a collage via addition - new pictures occur. A sixth slight-projector projects a text transparency onto an opposite wall, on which art historical dates fitting the projected pictures are given (see drawing)

All slide-projectors are synchronized so that - in principle - one cannot see the single pictures. The spectator, though, can position himself into the path of rays and can thus conceal single pictures. Therefore the work should be situated in an architecturally given passageway. A run through the 40 slides takes approximately 20 minutes. In this case this is done in a matter of a ceaseless projection.

Material: 240 different small picture slides, six Kodak carousel-projectors and an accordant control unit, a hot-dip galvanized board