In the Light of the Floating World, 1994
A project in the center (the area does not really deserve this description) of the city of Amagasaki (Japan). A rotating table is installed in the bed of the Shogegawa River from where a stage projector turns 360 and projects into the city. Five tracings from Michelangelo's "The Creation of the World" are projected.

The projector turns an entire round every five minutes. The shortest projection distance is approximately three meters away fromt the bank's retaining wall. On the fascade of a house on the opposite side, the projections appear relatively in focus and undistorted (according to their respective positions), but they are again quickly distorted, fragmented and compressed until only a speck of light is visible where the projection is at its shortest distance. The slide cartridge changes its motif in exactly this spot.

As long as the projector projects out of focus onto the furthest wall, the speed of the image's rotation appears to be very slow. With the projection's increasing distance, the apparition of light speeds up for the viewer, although the actual rotation speed objectively remains the same.

Technical data: Rotating table, stage projector, circular slide cartridge.