Große Kunstgeschichtsmaschinerie, 1992 / 93
The installation for the exhibition Bright Light – Contemporary Art at Schoß Presteneck is comprising an infinite number of light collages derived from reproductions of 280 paintings: all greatest hits in the history of art. Each carousel contains two identical sets of 40 images. The images are by 40 different artists and are arranged chronologically. Each projector has a different example of the work of each artist. Thus compartment 1 contains a work by Giotto, while compartment 40 contains a work by a contemporary artist. The varying speeds at which the carousels turn is determined by timers in such a way that when the projectors are started simultaneously and begin by projecting a work by Giotto, installation gradually becomes increasingly asynchronous.

The rotating projectors are placed at varying distances from the wall. Through the different angles to the wall thus created, the images sometimes appear to move rapidly, sometimes slowly. The projected images overlap and then separate, touch the floor, the walls, the ceiling, as well as members of the public who happen to be in the space. In some places in the room, the images are sharp and in focus, and at others they are so distorted as to be unrecognizable, and even to shrink to a pinpoint of light.

Technical data: 7 rotating mechanisms, 7 Kodak carousel projectors, 560 slides.