Umschau, 1995 / 96
More than any other medium, film has on the one one hand reflected, and on the other influenced the reality of life in our century. It has created images that have, in one way or another, permanently changed the behavior of human beings towards each other. These reflections are the background to the work. Look Around..

Panes of glass are suspended from the walls of Gallery G. Rivet, Cologne, like blank images. Inside the room, there are rotating mechanisms on which are placed two projectors that point in in opposite directions from each other. In the carousels, there are 81 slides with images of freeze frames from the history of the cinema. These images are directly related to basic human experiences. These two basic types of life experience can be classified as either experiences that men aspire to or that they fear. These categories correspond to the placement of the projectors facing in opposite directions.

Through the various projection angles, the images appear to move fast in some places in the room, and in others slowly - despite the fact that they are all actually moving at the same speed. The timers change the images at different times, thus creating ever-new light collages that not only appear on the wall and behind the glass panes, but are also reflected back into the room by the panes. The viewer is in the center of the room and thus becomes an integral part of the installation.

Technical data: Three two-level rotating mechanisms, six carousel projectors, six carousels with 2 x 40 slides each (freeze frames from 61 films), shelving, 20 glass panes of varying sizes.