much too much, 2004
Video, 4' 54"

"much too much" has been originally produced for a screening program and a related DVD-project called “Depicting Love”, which has been curated by Montse Badia for the Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), The Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid) and the Centro Párraga (Murcia).

“Andreas M. Kaufmanns work deals with the public sphere, the public imagery and the way we are using those representations. Thus he often works with his huge collection of images compiled through years from magazines, newspapers, Internet and television. much too much” is a performative approach to those issues.

The main character in the video is located in an apartment. The camera represents his point of view. He is drinking and looking around, eventually becoming aware of a collection of scattered magazines, books and images. In the background a Stereo is playing emotional music.
The videotape consists of three images: in the first two images are sorts of static and there is not much visible action. In the course of the last image the static camera is transforming into a choreographed dance representing a fleeting glance at laying around images of women, love, couples and sex. It is left open whether this Dance is real or just a phantasm.”