Ortlos II, 1996
Site: VI Architecture Biennale, Venice, German Pavilion

Placeless II has been produced for the Exhibition "Change without Growth" in the German Pavilion at the VI. Architecture Biennale 1996 in Venice. The imagery has based on the same research as for my outdoor work "Placeless" at the "Gasometer Oberhausen".

In the corners right and left from the entrance, I positioned two double storied turntables in a height of about 6 meters. On each of these turntables were fixed two which pointed in opposite directions. The projections have been working in opposite direction with constant slow speed. Despite the movement has been constant the projections appear here very slow and there very fast. This has been due to their extreme position to the wall. The change of the slides has been irregular, which caused always not seen light-collages in the space.

Technical data: Two double storied turntables, four carousel projectors, 320 Slides.