Der Mensch denkt in Bildern
Performance and exhibition in the gallery Sonderegger, Fribourg 1986
My first single exhibition was accompanied by the doubt, whether it was sensible to add more of my own pictures to an already noticeably redundant picture-production. Thus I decided to organize an exhibition based on a single negative film. Out of this "original" I produced two identical dot screen films, which were shifted against each other on the enlarger and exposed on photographic paper. Repeating this action over and over, new generated pictures (unique copies) arose. In doing so the original image receded by and by.

During the opening of the exhibition I burned both original and dot screen films publicly in a bowl. Then I wrote the following 11 sentences onto the wall right behind the burned material:
  • Man thinks in pictures.
  • His own pictures are taken from him.
  • Precast pictures capture this place.
  • Other peoples pictures become human experience.
  • Communication replaces encounter.
  • Decease, killing and happiness become precast pictures.
  • Originals are dispensable.
  • Copies are more significant than the original.
  • Originals can be burned.
  • The incineration of the original enhances the copy.
  • This causes new pictures.

Both fireplace and the 11 sentences remained untouched until the ending of the exhibition.