Zwang und Wiederholung, 1994
Violence and monotony is an installation of light collages consisting of 8 rotating slide projectors each of which contains 40 different newspaper photographs. The images are projected onto piles of old newspapers and the wall behind them in the exhibition space of the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg. The projectors turn in a 360arc. Each corner of the exhibition space contains a rotating mechanism (LP turntable) with two slide projectors placed upon it. By placement of the projectors at varying distances from the newspapers, the images randomly intersect each other and create new images as the light from the projectors falls on the piles of old newspapers. Depending upon where the viewer is standing, the images appear to move at varying speeds, although they are actually moving at a constant speed. The images are either distorted or undistorted according to the angle at which the light strikes the surfaces of the newspaper and wall.

Technical data: 8 Kodak carousel projectors, 4 rotating mechanisms, 8 carousels with 2 sets of 40 piles of old newspapers.