Who Ya Hunchin, 1994
Above a basin filled with water, the personification of the Buddhist world of Taizo-Kai is projected on a wall in the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen. The image for the slide comes from a 17th century manual for apprentice Mandela painters.

Beneath the basin of water a loudspeaker is placed, from which the Ella Fitzgerald song Who Ya Hunchin' can be continuously heard. The sound waves generated by the loudspeaker give rise to vibrations on the surface of the water, which in turn serves as a distorting mirror for the projection. The wave patterns thus generated distort the projection in such a way that the image either partly or entirely disappears in an undulating white surface of light.

Technical data: Projector, slide, basin filled with water with built-in loudspeaker, CD player, amplifier.